Rod tubes as cabin baggage

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Good news for the safe transport of your fishing rod.
The regulation EU 185/2010 appendix 4C no longer lists fishing rods as prohibited articles of cabin baggage. To be precise this new regulation replaces the former EU 820/2008 which prohibited the transport of fishing rods as cabin baggage.
The longest permitted rod tube is 115 Cm (check your tube length carefully!)
It may happen that the check in staff are not aware of the new regulation. In this case we suggest that you inform the check in staff of the value and the fragility of your rod and if this is not enough to ask for the rod to be passed to the air hostess.
If this proves to be insufficient you should request that the rod should be labelled “DELIVERY ATAIRCRAFT” and in this case the rod will be stowed in the rear hold and given back to you when you leave the aircraft.
With this procedure you can avoid both rod breakages and the non arrival of your rod.
If you travel with low cost airlines they may request and extra payment to cover handling charges.


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