Care and maintenance


When assembling and disassembling your rod don't twist the rod sections in order to prolong the life of the rod joints.

Lubricate the rod joints at regular intervals with pure paraffin or common wax.

The cork of the rod handle can be be washed with water and neutral soap, avoid rubbing along the length of the cork handle.

After using in salt water we would suggest to wash the entire rod as soon as possible.

In order to prevent the loosening of the rod joints we suggest that you check them frequently especially if using heavy streamers or casts which require the rotation of the wrist.



Reels should be checked regularly and cleaned and lubricated at regular intervals.

If used in salt water they should be washed left to dry completely and lubricated.

Check all the screwed parts at least once a year.



Avoid leaving fly lines in direct sunlight.

Wash your fly line regularly with water and a neutral soap. When dry apply a suitable, solvent free lubricant.

If used in salt water wash in fresh water and lubricate when dry.


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