Our exclusive and revolutionary technology, based on an innovative method for the realisation of the assembly of pre-impregnated, high modulus fabric with new support materials. This production process using new thermoplastic resins allows us to manufacture products with the following characteristics:



  • 30-40% weight saving ( according to model and length)
  • Added strength
  • Reduced diameters
  • Reduced wall thickness
  • Precise spigots
  • Exclusive profile and taper


with the following advantages



  • Instantaneous reaction at the moment of maximum acceleration.
  • Total utilisation of the casting energy
  • Total sensibility when striking
  • Extreme delicacy when playing a fish.


  • All rods use U.L.S. Excluding: Easicast and Albacore


Uses a well proven “commercial” medium modulus composite. The production process coupled with our exclusive taper and design produce the following characteristics:



  • The best weight class of its category
  • Reduced wall thickness
  • Great resistance to breakage
  • Precise spigots
  • Exclusive taper and profile


with the following advantages


  • Multi purpose performance: simple for beginners, satisfying for experts
  • Good response at the moment of maximum acceleration
    Excellent utilisation of casting energy
  • Excellent sensibility when striking
  • Great delicacy when playing a fish


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