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Pozò Fly Fishing Products s.r.l. does not offer a guarantee on rod blanks since these are semi-worked components which are subject to further production processes which are not carried out by Pozò Fly Fishing Products s.r.l..


The finished rod blanks are blanks with keeper and all rings just assembled by Pozo’.

They have the same guarantee of the rods.


Pozò reels are covered by a 2 year guarantee (1 year for composite plastic fibre reels) against factory defects.

The guarantee is limited to the first owner.

The guarantee start date is the same as the date shown on the guarantee certificate.




The first owner should consign the reel directly to a Pozò authorised dealer or directly to Pozò Fly Fishing Products s.r.l.. together with the PURCHASE certificate.

Pozò Fly Fishing Products s.r.l.. will inspect the reel and determine the cause of breakage.

  • For damage which is a factory defect, determined solely and exclusively by Pozò Fly Fishing Products s.r.l. the repair or replacement will be carried out free of charge.
  • For damage caused by negligence, improper use, accidents or modifications determined solely and exclusively by Pozò Fly Fishing Products s.r.l. the repair or replacement will be carried out after the approval by the first owner of the cost of the repair/replacement.


The cost of transport from Pozò Fly Fishing Products s.r.l. to the authorised Pozò dealer or the address of the first owner will be charged at the standard rate of 40 Euros  for all countries in Europe.



Pozò fly lines are guaranteed against possible factory defect.

The purchaser must advise withing 5 days from purchase date all defects. After this time the guarantee is expired

This time limit is the result of many motives and to state just a few:


  • The buyer can verify the condition of the fly line the first time he mounts it on the reel.
  • The line can be damaged by improper use such as practice casting on surfaces other than water.
  • The line can deteriorate quickly if used in brackish, salt, acid or polluted waters.
  • The line can wear out quickly if it is not maintained properly (washing and lubrication)
  • When false casting the line can touch or knot itself around objects within casting distance.
  • It is possible to accidentally step on the line while it is lying on sharp surfaces or stones or get caught up on metal objects or stones while casting or fishing

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