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Our design and construction philosophy totally reflects the desires and needs of discerning fly fishermen. The explanation is very simple. First and foremost we are fly fishermen ourselves. We have over 45 years of worldwide flyfishing experience in vastly differing types of rivers, lakes and saltwater. Adjectives such as: obsessive, passionate, perfectionist, insatiable, highly technical, maniacal and purist which have been used by our clients to describe us over the course of the years are a source of personal pride and satisfaction. We have dedicated decades to trails, in all sorts of extreme conditions, including weather to test, develop, and constantly improve our products which are always and exclusively dedicated to flyfishing. Our rods, reels, flylines, hooks and flies are unique since they have all been designed and tested by us.

Our products are produced to our exclusive design by the best and most highly qualified manufacturers in the world, using high quality and often the most costly materials. This is an anti-economic choice for us but it allows us to offer unique products which distinguish themselves for performance, long life, reliability, aesthetic appeal, and above all the pleasure of an exclusive flyfishing experience. At the top of our  range we can offer models which can be personalised to the customers wishes, for those anglers who are in search of a “one off” model.

We are a small company but with quality which is …. “over the top”


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